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Here's what some of our readers have to say about the Movie Memories magazine;


It was lovely to read of Gloria Stuart's 100th birthday celebrations (and she has since sadly passed away now!) And the Dane Clark feature was fascinating too. I was interested to learn of the recently published biography of Patricia Roc - which I hope to read in due course. Please keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

Just a quick few lines to say thank you so much for the many interesting issues of MVM received. I really can't pick out my favourite articles as I usually tend to do - as every one is fascinating! The reference to Mary Martin reminded me of when I sold programmes and ice-creams for her stage show 'Hello Dolly' at London's Drury Lane Theatre back in 1966. I was of no importance whatsoever - but as long as you gave Mary sufficient notice, she would have you round to tea in her dressing room after a matinee performance. She was a true star in every sense of the word - and is sadly missed today.

Brian G, Leominster, England


As soon as MVM arrives, I just have to sit down (if possible!) - and read the entire magazine from cover to cover in one go! Its' arrival has a similar effect upon me today as did 'Picturegoer' in the 1950s when I was a youth, except that the excitement and sense of discovery is hugely magnified in our riveting MVM periodical. May it continue for another 21 years!


Having just got back from a filming session in Atlanta, Georgia, I was greeted by the latest edition of MVM - which was yet another wonderful job! They keep getting better and better - which is pretty amazing since they were terrific right from the start! I recently had a great time in Beverly Hills, California where I hosted an event at the Academy in honour of Bette Davis' 100th birthday. A great many film clips were shown, with various friend and co-workers (like Joan Leslie and Gena Rowlands) on hand to discuss Bette's films. Then came the big finish - a complete surprise to everyone, when I introduced Olivia De Havilland to the audience - who went wild with appreciation! Once again, many congratulations Chris on another beautiful job with Movie Memories!

Robert R, New York, USA

Many thanks for the latest MVM magazine with lovely front and back covers - and it was so nice to learn that Ann Rutherford and Lizabeth Scott are now 'honorary' members too. There were some lovely illustrations throughout this issue - and what a sweet, non-smiling picture of little Shirley Temple! Of today's films, I am crazy about the recent release 'Mamma Mia' - I think versatile Meryl Streep is the modern-day Bette Davis!

Carol H, Glasgow, Scotland

The new MVM was yet another success, the highlights for me being the splendid article on Erich Maria Remarque and his filmed works, along with the boyish photo of Frank Sinatra on the front cover - now that's diversity for you! However, it was the lovely little story of Vanessa Redgrave's kindness to a fan that reminded me of something similar happening to me 35 years ago when one of the most successful screen and stage composers Richard Rodgers sent me a requested autographed photo. This gesture meant so much to me that - sixty five years after the First Night of 'Oklahoma' (Wednesday, March 31st, 1943) that cherished photo is proudly shown on a table in our study. Who said sentiment is dead?

Reg O, Shepperton, England

Albert Leonard's childhood memories of his school friend receiving a three page reply to his letter, from Elizabeth Taylor in the mid 1940s reminded me of one of my own boyhood friends who had sent Elizabeth a portrait to be autographed - which was duly returned with a lovely note, which was sweet of her. Even at an early age Elizabeth always had a great connection with her fans and it carried through all the years of her major stardom. Her 1947 film 'Cynthia's Secret' made such an impression on my friend that his daughter was named Cynthia. Now that's devotion for you! The articles on Wallace Beery and Frank Sinatra were certainly interesting - and what a delightful message from Joanna McCallum regarding her parents John McCallum and Googie Withers and their enjoyment of attending MVM's annual gathering - and especially their appreciation for all their admirers over the years. Keep up the great work Chris - and all contributors to MVM!

Robert R, Chicago, USA

It's great that there are still so many 'golden age' stars to write about - who haven't been covered in MVM before, such as the elegant Franchot Tone. There was also a fine piece on Jeffrey Hunter - and the drawings of Hunter and Paul Newman by Albert Leonard were great. I also enjoyed Terry Pearson's meeting with Fred Astaire - and all in all this edition was yet another engrossing read - which is always appreciated!

Ken S, London, England

Many thanks for my first copy of MVM - it is exactly like my friend and fellow subscriber said it would be. It was sad to see so many obituaries but glad they were mentioned. Also, I noted how Clive Roberts mentioned how Shelley Winters didn't get along with her co-star Frank Sinatra in 'Meet Danny Wilson' (1951) which was only too true. My good friend Shelley told me the whole story many years ago, of how after a few days filming, Frank said to her "We are having dinner tonight!" Shelley replied "Frank, I don't think so." When Frank asked why, she told him that he 'wasn't her type'! He then exploded with rage, sulked and was nasty and rude for days afterwards. Shelley finally called Frank's wife Nancy - and told her what had happened - and pleaded with her to do something about it (she did, although she always tried never to get involved with Frank's affairs). It took years for Frank to forgive Shelley - perhaps he wasn't used to being turned down!!

Tucker F, California, USA

As ever, the latest two issues of MVM were FAN-TAS-TIC - strictly 'Come Reading' and not dancing! I thought I was passed the age when my heart could beat a little faster - but it does when I read of the stars who filled my younger days - and the memories come flooding back of how the films of the 'golden age' were simply made for sheer entertainment ! Kitchen sink dramas we didn't need - as most of us were living them! I used to love the musicals featuring the likes of Donald O'Connor, Gloria Jean, Peggy Ryan, etc, they simply gave their all - and I lapped it up. Please keep up the great work with MVM - I love it!

Joyce D, Didcot, England

It is always good to receive my copy of Movie Memories - where would we vintage film buffs be without Chris's dedication and love of the films and stars of 'the golden age'? Running 'The Australian Doris Day Society', I know only too well just how much time MVM can impose on your private life, especially when you are married with a family and all the responsibilities that come with them. I hope MVM can continue for as long as possible. I am pleased to say that Doris is keeping well at 88 (despite some trashy tabloid press in recent times). Although she rarely ventures out nowadays (because of all the paparazzi waiting to get a shot of a sad and supposedly crazy old hermit) Doris keeps busy with her animal welfare work at home. Thanks again Chris for the lovely MVM's.

Alan M, Woy Woy, Australia

Once again, the recent MVM was excellent - I enjoyed every word and read it in entirely one session! I can throw some light on the lovely Madeleine Carroll's wartime activities after she became an American citizen in 1943. Wishing to be involved in the war effort (especially after the death of her only sister in a German air raid in 1940) Madeleine underwent extensive nursing training for the Red Cross before being assigned overseas where she gallantly served on the front lines in Italy's Battle of the Bulge - and was awarded the 'Legion d'Honneur' for her bravery in service. She remained with the Red Cross until 1946 before briefly returned to the Hollywood screen for a couple of films - eventually retiring from acting in the mid 1950s after some stage work.

Barrie R, Florida, USA

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