MVM Magazine - Gene Kelly, Issue 70

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First established in 1990, the magazine is published three times a year, Spring, Summer and Winter.

Each A4 sized issue (50 pages) is very well illustrated and includes detailed biographies, film reviews, sales/wants and often an exclusive interview with a star of that era.

For over 20 years Movie Memories has been read and respected within the classic movie industry with distinguished 'star honorary members' including Debbie Reynolds, Lizabeth Scott, Ann Rutherford ('Gone With The Wind'), Bryan Forbes, Nanette Newman, Dinah Sheridan, Peggy Cummins, Jean Kent, Googie Withers, Michael Craig, Robert Osborne (of Turner Classic Movies), Bernard Cribbins, Muriel Pavlow, Faith Brook, Julie Harris (Oscar winning costume designer).

So, if you have parents, grandparents, friends and family who are fans of 'golden age' stars and films, why not take out a gift subscription for them. I'm sure they will not be disappointed.

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